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What is a Custody Trust?

Trusts are a fundamental element in planning a business, investment and family financial affairs.

Common thought is that a trust is a legal entity or person, like a company or individual - when it really is not. A trust is in essence a relationship that is recognised and enforced by courts in the context of their equitable jurisdiction.

Our video will help you understand what Custody Trust is, how it works, and options to think about before executing this type of financial solution. Just a quick FYI a Custody Trust is also know as: bare trust, property bare trust, custodial trust, or custodian trust.

Learn more about Custody Trust in our educational video:

  • General terms, functions, and rules

  • Security benefits of a Custody Trust

  • Individual trustee vs corporate trustee

To speak to me about how I can help you with Custody Trust services or terms, please contact me on 0413 887 591 or email me:

This article contains general advice only.

Liz Chevel is an Authorised Representative of Dover Financial Advisers Pty Ltd

(AFSL 307248)

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