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My husband and I have used Trigona Financial Services for the past 12 months. Elizabeth is not just a financial planner - she is an integral part of our financial success and our family. She has assisted our family to reduce personal debt, increase cash flow and grow our business from start-up to a successful Educational Service provider. On numerous occassions we have asked Elizabeth to provide us with suitable insurance, superannuation and investment advice. She meticulously researches all solutions to our pending financial questions and always responds quickly with the best solution. She has an extraordinary ability to explain the advtanges and disadvantages of each financial decision in an easy to understand format.

Elizabeth has always made herself available to us, often commuting large distances to accommodate our family needs. This in itself demonstrates Elizabeth's passion and drive for the financial industry and ensuring her clients are provided with the highest quality of service. We are beyond satisfied with the service Trigona and Elizabeth provide and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

Brooke & Clinton O'Connor
Cindy Perez & Phil Mason

It's important to not only feel but know you've made the right decisions about your financial situation and knowing who to turn to for financial advice is essential. During our complimentary coffee meeting with Liz Chevel from Trigona Financial we had the opportunity to ensure we both were comfortable with talking to her and were confident with her professional credentials and ethical standards - Trigona Financial has exceeded our expectations! They helped us honestly assess our current financial lifestyle and future wants/ needs and have helped us understand how to plan smarter, how to stay on track and how to effectively meet our personally designed milestones, and now we've improved our financial acumen through understanding intricacies of investment, taxation and the always changing rules and regulations. 

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