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Cash Flow and Savings

How do do you handle all the expenses on a limited budget? Nobody likes to budget. Trigona Financial will show you how to continue enjoying your lifestyle whilst complimenting your bank balance. It's just about being more clever with money!

Estate Planning

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting a will, even if it is from the newsagency, just get one! The time, money and effort for those left behind to distribute the assets after you're gone is not worth it, not to mention the bureaucracy and red tape leading to unnecessary legal fees! Then there's the power of attorney (POA) that applies when you are unable to make a financial decision, you can get someone to stand in on your behalf, but of course this needs to be set up before you can no longer make these decisions yourself - knock on wood. 



Are you looking to set up an education fund for the kids, start a trust fund for the grandchildren, establish a savings plan but wanting to earn more interest at the bank, or saving for a home deposit? There are many investment choices available and selecting one that suits your attitude to risk and goals is imperative. We all know shares are riskier than term deposits, but how do you choose which one?



We all have to pay our fair share of tax, but do you know there are structures you could set up that can help you minimize tax? It's perfectly legal and at the same time you'll be able to protect your assets. There are many ways you can reduce your taxable income via contributions to super, taking out an income protection policy and more.

Financial News

Our commitment is to stick with you through thick and thin. The relationship we build with you will foster continuous learning and growth through application of best practices. Subscribe to our curated library of articles, advice, and updates on finance - globally and locally.



Trigona Financial dislikes the scare tactics used to get people into having insurance. Let's face it, the idea of paying for insurance with the hope of never having to claim sounds like a waste of money, but we all have home and car insurance so why is this any different? Surely your life and family's future is more important.  If something unfortunate happens, you want to be sure that the decisions you make aren't influenced by money. Plus, insurance can be funded through super so no reason why you shouldn't have it. Peace of mind included.



Did you know that the tax inside super is only 15%? It's a great tax vehicle to build your assets. Employees get 10% of their salary put aside in super so it's definitely a good idea to know what's invested and the fees you are paying, it's your money! It's low in effort but maximum impact over time - it'll make a difference to what you have to retire on.


More and more Australians are moving towards managing their own superfund, but do you know the roles and responsibilities of managing your own super? Trigona Financial can share the pros and cons of having a SMSF and can help guide you on deciding what's right for you. If you are looking at buying property with super money, you will need a SMSF. Trigona Financial can help set this up and administer the financials and reporting requirements in a cost effective manner. It does not need to be expensive!

Let's talk about your retirement plans.

We are here to analyse and counsel. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media.


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