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Starting your journey with Trigona Financial will be smooth and transparent. It is our ethical duty to thoroughly analyse your financial situation and personality to methodically produce a well thought out financial business plan. Like the Trigona bee, our approach is soft and it is important to us that we keep our clients well informed about all our services, options, and how we can mix and match solutions to meet individual needs.

First Contact Meeting

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you." We will discuss what your aspirations are - both financially and in life. Now, not all decisions are about money so non-monetary goals are important too. There is no point advising you to sell your home if you don't want to! Basic information will be collected to get to know you and understand you to get a clearer picture of your circumstances. Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle. 

Research, Analysis & Study

A full analysis of your financial goals, financial lifestyle and personality, and/ or retirement readiness will be done. You can expect a plan that is full of strategies that are easy to employ and maintained. We give you options that will lead to the most effective and speedy path to success. We help bridge the gap to achieve your goals.

Research & Study

Planning, Presentation & FAQ Session

The financial adviser will present your financial advice and a demonstration of how each strategy in the plan will help you achieve goals.

Implementation of Solution

Review & Continuous Learning

Agreed upon financial advice, solutions and plans will be implemented by Trigona Financial. This means that our clients won't have to take it away and do it themselves. Necessary documents will be prepared when clients are ready to sign. Continuous updates will and can be expected from Trigona Financial.

Life changes, life will change. It is important that open communication is maintained so that Trigona Financial can swiftly act on any situation that may arise. An excellent communication strategy will allow Trigona Financial to tweak any financial solutions and tactics. We strongly advise meeting once or twice a year to do reviews, talk about effectiveness of the financial solutions and any changes to legislation that may affect you. 

Let's talk about your financial aspirations.

We are here to help you. Contact us by phone or phone for a obligation free meeting.


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